Ryan Stiffler


Does simplicity bring happiness?


Leading a simple life can lead to happiness because when you live a simple life, there are many less distractions than with many materialistic things.  in today’s world we have so many materialistic possessions that we are not able to revert back to the times when we lead easy lives where there was no concern about what we owned but how we used what we had and used our own self reliance.  Solitude helps us to gain that simplicity back and to remember what we had before all the technology that we possess today and that we all can do amazing things if we set our minds to it and have no distractions.  When we have no distractions and we start toward a goal we have set there is not much that can stop human nature and our will, the well known phrase “when there’s a will there’s a way” fits very well because it is true that if we set our minds to it we will achieve whatever it is, no matter what blocks our path.


Is it better to be independent of or dependent on people?


I feel that it is better to be independent of people because in solitude get very introspective and reflective.  I personally feel that it is a necessary thing that everyone should do.  When we are independent of people we take down the wall that we instinctively put up to keep a little bit of ourselves to, well, ourselves, when we are independent of people we let our emotions, judgments, and predispositions go and  gain a sense of clarity.  This is most likely what Thoreau meant as the underlying message of Walden and the reason that he went into the woods for two years, to gain that sense of clarity and clear his being of the pollutions of society and outside influence.


Does wisdom come with age or experience?


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